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Harnessing big data in fight against cancer



Big data is a buzzword in many industries, and has the ability to make a big impact in oncology

Harnessing the power of big data can help in the fight against cancer. Technology is infiltrating most industries.

When we look at healthcare, particularly cancer care, it relies on technological developments.

Healthcare data though, is often missed, but it is crucial.

Data gives us important information, capturing critical insights.

Creating a big data strategy could be the key to helping cancer researchers leverage and pinpoint information.

It would supply them with high-quality and high-variety details, not harnessed before.

“Harnessing big data with artificial intelligence will mean we can treat and diagnose patients earlier,” CEO of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, Lance Kawaguchi says.

“This can help to make health equitable.”

Kawaguchi adds this could be monumental for cancer research.

“In my mind, it could be a game-changer.

“Imagine someone in the Amazon – or in a far-off region or territory – being able to use their iPhone to assess things for a biopsy, to get information.

“We need support from government, going both ways, to share information.”

“Harnessing big data with artificial intelligence will mean we can treat and diagnose patients earlier.”

Lance Kawaguchi, Ceo, cure brain cancer foundation

Dr Ludmil Alexandrov, an Associate Professor of Bioengineering at University of California San Diego argues there is a push by agencies to help with getting more data from lower-income families, to help with understanding the information gathered.

“The majority of data that is being generated from high-income individuals,” Alexandrov revealed. “We don’t see big data coming from low-economic individuals.”

“We want big data, and we don’t want bad quality data.

“We want to have easy-to-use approaches, such as cell phones, that can collect, analyse and help data decisions be made in real-time.”

The CEO of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation succinctly put the message: “the faster we can feed the big data machine and let it do its thing – to make sure we can level the playing field for everyone – the quicker we can diagnose and find a cure.”

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How to defend against fraud and cyberattacks



In the face of escalating fraud and cyberattacks targeting Australian retailers, businesses are actively seeking solutions to combat this growing menace.

The sentiment among Australian consumers reflects growing concern regarding fraud in online shopping.

To address these challenges, businesses are exploring various strategies to bolster protection for both themselves and their customers against fraudulent activities.

Hayley Fisher, Country Manager for Australia & New Zealand at Adyen, sheds light on Adyen’s 2024 Retail Index findings, highlighting the shifting landscape of fraud attacks for Australian retailers. #money #fraud #cyberattacks

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The ‘invisible killers’ causing concern



Companies and Governments are looking to turn awareness into action

The natural world is home to a diverse range of species that live in harmony with each other. However, the increasing use of pesticides, microplastics, and air pollution has been causing concerns about the impact on the environment and its inhabitants. These “silent killers” are threatening the delicate balance of the natural world, and the consequences could be catastrophic.

The concerns surrounding these “silent killers” highlight the need for greater awareness and action. Governments and industries are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and work towards reducing their impact on the environment. Individuals can also play a role by making conscious decisions to reduce their use of pesticides, plastic products, and contributing to air pollution. Simple actions such as using organic products, reducing plastic use, and utilising alternative transportation can make a significant difference.

The Green Edition is presented by The ROOT Brands.For all media inquiries please get in touch here:

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How small businesses are using AI to fight back against big business



AI demonstrates efficacy in capital acquisition within Australian startups.

One of the most impactful technology trends of 2024 is the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence tools.

One company is using AI to help founders raise capital for the next generation of game-changing innovation without the need for external human intervention.

To find out how it works, we’re joined by VentureCrowd CEO Steve Maarbani. #FUNDING FUTURES

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