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France puts pressure on Britain as fishing rights row intensifies



France has intensified pressure on Britain over post-Brexit fishing rights, warning agreements between the two nations could be at risk

The Paris government is angry that the United Kingdom has granted 12 licences out of 47 bids for smaller vessels to fish in French territorial waters.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex has accused the UK of not respecting its Brexit deal commitments on fishing.

“Britain does not respect its own signature,”

he told French MPs.

“Month after month, the UK presents new conditions and delays giving definitive licences… this cannot be tolerated.”

Castex warned that all bilateral agreements with Britain could be at risk if the European Commission failed to take a tougher stance on the UK government.

No specific details were provided during his statement, however the two nations have a raft of agreements covering defence, security and border controls as well as energy and trade.

Britain’s Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has stated that the government’s approach has been reasonable and fully in line with its commitments.

Speaking at the Conservative party conference, the UK’s Brexit minister rejected French claims that the UK was in breach of the Brexit trade deal.

The minister insisted that 98% of European Union applications to conducting fishing in UK waters had been granted, adding that Britain has so far been “extremely generous”.

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Porn floods Twitter “China” search



Twitter users have been finding it hard to search for information on the social media platform due to an explosion of pornographic spam.

While thousands of protests against extended lockdowns, a digital bot army has roared into action on Twitter, with long-dormant Chinese language accounts suddenly tweeting links to escort services and other adult content.

Anyone trying to track the spontaneous protest movement on Twitter complained about the deluge of spam pornographic content making flooding the search for information.

The China protests come at a time when Twitter’s content and moderation teams have been pared back drastically following Elon Musk’s $44 billion takeover of the social media giant.

Twitter, along with other international social media services like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, is blocked by Beijing’s internet censors within Mainland China.

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Biden silence on China protests



As citizens across China revolt against the country’s “zero Covid” policy, the White House issued a statement about the growing protests.

“‘We’ve long said everyone has the right to peacefully protest, in the United States and around the world,’ a White House National Security Council spokesperson said in a statement.

‘This includes in the [People’s Republic of China.]’

“‘Zero COVID is not a policy we are pursuing here,’ the spokesperson said.

‘And as we’ve said, we think it’s going to be very difficult for the People’s Republic of China to be able to contain this virus through their zero COVID strategy.’”

Commentators have noted that the statement came from the White House, and not President Biden himself.

Demonstrators are calling on President Joe Biden to take a stance and publicly support their cause.

The protests have continued despite numerous attempts by the Chinese government to quell them.


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China protests hit global markets, crypto



Investor watches markets

The protests in China are having a negative impact on cryptocurrencies and markets around the world.

Bitcoin failed to break its descent and fell more than 3 percent.

The global crypto market cap fell over 2%, sending major cryptos into the red.

Over the last 24 hours, overall crypto market volume grew by 22%.

It comes amid a round of investor nervousness in global markets spurred by protests in China against Covid restrictions.

Protesters outraged by harsh COVID-19 regulations called for China’s strong leader to quit.

China is the world’s second-largest economy and has a significant impact on global financial markets.

Stocks and cryptos aren’t considered safe havens, leading to bearing price action.

Analysts are hoping for a sharp bullish reversal if and when the protests end.

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