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Do we need a regulatory framework on Generative AI?



Platforms like ChatGPT have taken the world by storm but analysts are painting another picture about its impacts

Millions of people have used OpenAI’s ChatGPT since it launched in November 2022.

The web-based platform works by answering prompts in a concise manner. It has become the latest tool to cause technological disruption across nearly every industry.

Dr Jim Webber, who is the Chief Scientist at leading graph database and analytics company, Neo4j, said the tool should be banned in Australian schools and universities.

“To be clear, I don’t think regulation will ever win this battle. It’s always on the back foot.

“Instead of focussing on the technology, we should create a policy environment that helps inform the use of that technology rather than constraining it,” he said.

ChatGPT has been used in graph technology, from providing more intuitive context to elevating the overall user experience and coding processes.

It has also been used in the classroom, where students and teachers alike are using it for their research.

“ChatGPT is trained on a range of documents. These are documents from around the internet.

“Like all computer systems, there is an element of ‘garbage in, garbage out,'” Dr Webber said.

Businesses have also used the generative AI tool to boost their profits and maximise efficiencies. It has become a common tool used in workplaces, particularly where redundancies during Covid-19 have come to light.

“One of my colleagues actually asked ChatGPT about the computer science that I had done with another computer scientist that I had never worked with.

“ChatGPT then confidently answered about the amazing discovers that me and this computer scientist had done together. It was very convincing, the English was very fluent but it was all nonsense because I had never worked with that person,” Dr Webber said.

Graph technology can play an important role in the fight against cybercrimes, which are on the rise internationally.

It is the tool capturing data relationships to model real-world relationships between a range of unique entities.

It has been used across the public sector, logistics, supply chain, manufacturing and financial services.

Neo4j is a graph database management system. The company has worked with customers like the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Telstra, and Tabcorp

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How to defend against fraud and cyberattacks



In the face of escalating fraud and cyberattacks targeting Australian retailers, businesses are actively seeking solutions to combat this growing menace.

The sentiment among Australian consumers reflects growing concern regarding fraud in online shopping.

To address these challenges, businesses are exploring various strategies to bolster protection for both themselves and their customers against fraudulent activities.

Hayley Fisher, Country Manager for Australia & New Zealand at Adyen, sheds light on Adyen’s 2024 Retail Index findings, highlighting the shifting landscape of fraud attacks for Australian retailers. #money #fraud #cyberattacks

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The ‘invisible killers’ causing concern



Companies and Governments are looking to turn awareness into action

The natural world is home to a diverse range of species that live in harmony with each other. However, the increasing use of pesticides, microplastics, and air pollution has been causing concerns about the impact on the environment and its inhabitants. These “silent killers” are threatening the delicate balance of the natural world, and the consequences could be catastrophic.

The concerns surrounding these “silent killers” highlight the need for greater awareness and action. Governments and industries are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and work towards reducing their impact on the environment. Individuals can also play a role by making conscious decisions to reduce their use of pesticides, plastic products, and contributing to air pollution. Simple actions such as using organic products, reducing plastic use, and utilising alternative transportation can make a significant difference.

The Green Edition is presented by The ROOT Brands.For all media inquiries please get in touch here:

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How small businesses are using AI to fight back against big business



AI demonstrates efficacy in capital acquisition within Australian startups.

One of the most impactful technology trends of 2024 is the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence tools.

One company is using AI to help founders raise capital for the next generation of game-changing innovation without the need for external human intervention.

To find out how it works, we’re joined by VentureCrowd CEO Steve Maarbani. #FUNDING FUTURES

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