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Democrats lose crucial vote on abortion law



The Democrats lead an effort to protect the landmark Roe versus Wade case by enacting legislation

The critical vote was 49-51 in favour of the Republicans, which makes it increasingly likely Roe v Wade will be overturned.

Protesters are rallying across America under the slogan ‘off our bodies’, to demand abortion rights be protected.

Is America going backwards?

Molly Jong-Fast is a writer at The Atlantic, who says she is not surprised by what is happening.

“Donald Trump put three justices on the Supreme Court… to have them overturn Roe v. Wade, and that’s exactly what they’re doing,” she says.

“I think a lot of American women are very disappointed.”

Jong-Fast says the American people are in favour of Roe v Wade, implying the courts are not acting in the interest of the public.

“The percentage of Americans who want Roe overturned is very small… most Americans want Roe to stay in place.”

A dystopian future

Jong-Fast says there is “a lot of crazy stuff” in the Supreme Court’s draft.

“It’s the kind of stuff that is really dystopian.” she says. “I don’t think it’s the kind of thing that really belongs in a modern world that we live in.”

Why are men dominating the debate?

When it comes to women’s bodies men seem to have a lot to say.

“The way these white Christian men are framing it at the detriment of women.” says Jong-Fast. 

“It is a right we have had for 49 years that’s being taken away and these men are just trying to figure out any way they can to make a case for it.” 

Meanwhile, in a bizarre occurrence, Montana Senator Steve Dains compares women’s bodies to sea turtles and eagles when he took the senate floor.

She believes there are laws protecting unhatched sea turtle eggs. As such, there should be laws that protect pre-born babies too.

President Joe Biden says the Women’s Health Protection Act is essential for the reproductive health of women. He is calling for citizens to vote for pro-choice senators in the upcoming mid-term elections.

“This failure to act comes at a time when women’s constitutional rights are under unprecedented attack – and it runs counter to the will of the majority of American people.”

Though the draft could still change, if it is not altered, it will result in 26 states banning abortion within the space of just a few months.

The final decision will be made in June.

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Amazon Prime’s ‘The Boys’ Season 4 will explore contemporary political polarisation




Show creator Eric Kripke hints at a narrative that will not shy away from uncomfortable truths, promising a season that challenges viewers to confront their own beliefs and biases.

Known for its bold satire and unflinching critique of societal issues, the series seems poised to dissect the current climate of division with its trademark blend of dark humour and gritty realism, as reported by Reuters.

Director/Filmmaker Rob Fantozzi unpacks the latest from The Boys and beyond in the entrainment world. #featured

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Tesla shareholders approve historic $56B Elon Musk pay package



Tesla shareholders have voted to approve Elon Musk’s unprecedented $56 billion compensation package, underscoring their confidence in his leadership and vision for the electric car company.

The package, which is tied to ambitious performance targets, includes a mix of stock options and bonuses contingent upon Tesla’s financial and operational milestones over the next decade.

As reported by Reuters, the approval underscores the support that Musk enjoys from Tesla’s retail investor base, many of whom are vocal fans of the mercurial billionaire.

The proposal passed despite opposition from some large institutional investors and proxy firms.


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The secret aspect of exercise and trauma release



Recent studies have shed new light on the profound impact sedentary behavior is having on mental health.

A meta-analysis revealed a strong correlation between increased sitting time and higher rates of depression.

Now, many experts believe that movement and exercise are not only beneficial for mental health but also play a crucial role in trauma release.

Jenni Crumpton Ross, the President and CEO of Kula for Karma joins Veronica Dudo to discuss.

#IN AMERICA TODAY #trending #mentalhealth #business #wellbeing

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