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Crimea bridge partly reopens after explosion



A devastating blast ripped through Crimea’s Kerch Strait Bridge, sending charred debris and stunned drivers plummeting into the sea 150 feet below.

The destructive explosion, which killed three people and injured at least 10 others, has been called a “terror attack” by Russian officials.

The bridge was only completed last year and spans nearly 12 miles, making it the longest in Europe.

It links Russia to the contested peninsula of Crimea, which was annexed by Moscow in 2014. Since then, the region has been embroiled in a proxy war between Ukrainian forces and Russia-backed separatists.\

Details of the Attack

According to investigators, the initial explosion occurred around 3:30 am local time when a lorry carrying gas cylinders blew up as it crossed the bridge. The detonation caused several cars to go up in flames and set fire to a nearby fuel tanker.

However, witnesses say that as people got out of their vehicles to assess the damage, a second explosion went off. This blast appears to have come from inside the lorry itself and caused an entire section of the bridge to collapse. Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the second explosion.

One man who was driving across the bridge when it collapsed told Russian news outlets that he saw a “column of smoke” coming from the lorry just before it exploded.

“I stopped…and got out of my car,” he said.

“I wanted to help but then there was another explosion and everything around began to catch fire.”

At least three people were killed in the blast and 10 others were injured, according to Crimean authorities.

All of the victims were inside vehicles that fell into the sea when the bridge collapsed.

Flame and smoke rise from the Crimean Bridge

A video published by Russia’s foreign ministry shows traffic crossing the damaged bridge on Saturday evening as repair work gets underway.

It is unclear when the bridge will be fully operational again.

The Investigation Begins

Russian officials have opened a criminal case into what they are calling a “terror attack.” However, they have released few details about who they believe is responsible for planting the explosives or what their motives might be.

Security camera footage from around the time of the blast shows a man parking his car near where the explosions occurred and then walking away from the scene shortly before they went off. It is unclear if this man is connected to the attack in any way.

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Nude Britney Spears post sparks concern among fans



A nude Britney Spears post has many fans concerned about her wellbeing

Pop sensation Britney Spears is no stranger to a controversial social media post, where she openly flaunts her body.

However, her latest post to Instagram has many of her beloved followers concerned.

The 40-year-old posted an explicit photo of herself in a near-empty bathtub, with a flower emoji the only thing between the world and her private parts.

It was paired with an unusual captions that read, “I like to suck!!! Never professional pics … sucking comes easy for me!!! Keep clapping bitch!!!”

The icon has 41 million followers on the social media app, many of whom were quick to share their concerns.

Some are suggesting Spears’ account is being controlled by someone else, attempting to make her look bad.

While others backed the pop stars post, supporting her desire to be open with her body image because she struggled during her younger years in the spotlight.

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Climate Change

Why ‘zombie viruses’ could be the next biggest public threat



A new report reveals the world will see an increase in so-called ‘zombie viruses’ that are emerging beneath us

A new report by scientists at the French National Center for Scientific Research has revealed the global threat of ‘zombie viruses.’ As climate change continues to take effect, the earth is undeniably getter hotter.

Global warming essentially means significant areas of permafrost are now melting. Permafrost is a frozen layer on or under the Earth’s surface, holding beneath it millions of ‘zombie viruses’ not seen in millions of years.

The now melting permafrost means it is lifting the veil on potentially dangerous microbes that human kind isn’t prepared for.

In Siberia, the scientists uncovered a ‘zombie virus’ which they believe is 50,000 years old. This would be the oldest age of a frozen virus returning to life and able to infect.

Researchers are concerned about the global health impact if the earth continues to warm at its current rate.


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Australia lowers its terrorism threat level for the first time in nearly a decade



Australia’s national terrorism threat level has been lowered but ASIO has warned an attack could still happen

Australia’s national terrorism threat level has been lowered from ‘probable’ to ‘possible’.

However, ASIO has warned a deadly attack could still occur on Australian soil in the next 12 months.

“A decision of this nature is not taken lightly or made casually,” said Mike Burgess, who is the Director General of ASIO.

It is the first time the warning has been lowered since 2014 when radicalised foreign fighters begun travelling to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS and other Islamic terrorist organisations.

Burgess said the threat of terrorism has not been eradicated, and Australia remains a target for terrorist organisations—even within the next 12 months.

“We keep the terrorism threat level under constant review. There can be no set and forget in security intelligence,” he said.

How common is terrorism in Australia?

There have been 11 terrorist attacks on Australian soil since 2014. In addition, 21 plots have been detected and disrupted.

“Thankfully, there have been no attacks or major disruptions this year,” Burgess said.

However, ASIO remains on alert for violent extremists despite “fewer” operating with the intention to conduct an onshore attack.

“Ideologically motivated violent extremism—particularly nationalist and racist violent extremism—remains a threat and its adherents will continue to engage in offensive behaviours.”


ASIO maintains these extremists are likely to focus their attention on recruitment and radicalisation, rather than attacking.

Authorities believe the most likely terrorist attack to occur in Australia will see a lone actor using a basic weapon, like a knife or vehicle.

These attacks can be difficult to detect ahead of time and can occur with little or no warning entirely.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said he has confidence in the nation’s security agencies.

“I won’t second-guess them and I won’t comment on their behalf,” he said.

Mr Albanese’s government has led the repatriation effort of Australian women and children linked to ISIS from Syria.

The women and children were assessed by ASIO before they arrived in Australia. The decision to lower the terrorism threat level also considered the unfolding situation.

ASIO said foreign fighters may return from the Middle Eastern conflict zone and could bring “dangerous ideologies and capabilities with them”.

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