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Bucha massacre – Russians leave deadly explosives in city apartments



New reports say Russian occupiers left explosives in the apartments of Bucha.

Ukraine’s Interior Minister told local reporters that the Russian soldiers went into apartments and left grenades if they found Ukrainian symbols or documents of a Ukrainian serviceman.

According to the Kyiv independent, the minister added that according to international standards, a day of active hostilities means a month of demining and the work is “extremely difficult and responsible.”


Zelensky accused Russian troops of carrying out the most brutal and terrible war crimes since World War Two, following the distressing footage from the town of Bucha.

What happened in Bucha?

The world was shocked by a deadly massacre of a suburban Ukrainian neighbourhood.

Satellite images taken weeks ago of the town of Bucha in Ukraine show bodies of civilians on a street.

Maxar Technologies provided nine images taken of Bucha on March 18, 19 and 31 to Reuters.

According to Reuters, at least four of the images appear to show bodies on one of the town’s roads, Yablonska Street.

The city was occupied by Russian forces until about March 30.

Europe reacts to Massacres in Bucha Ukraine

The European Commission President says the EU is set to act after recent revelations of massacres in the town of Bucha.

Meanwhile Ukraine’s President Zelensky has delivered a powerful speech to the United Nations.

The leader urged the Security Council to remove Russia or dissolve entirely.

Zelensky accused Russian troops of carrying out the most brutal and terrible war crimes since World War Two, following the distressing footage from the town of Bucha.

Steve Pifer is the former US ambassador to Ukraine and says now is the time for Biden to send more military might because things have changed.

Russia’s UN ambassador has dismissed the accusations as lies.

The ambassador says not a single Ukrainian was harmed while Bucha was under Russian occupation.

Ticker News also spoke with Cheddars Political Director Megan Pratz who says Ukraine will most likely negotiate to prevent further attacks.

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Why are Americans moving abroad?



Inflation and the rising cost of living in the United States is motivating Americans to consider moving to other countries.

Have you ever dreamed of working or retiring abroad?

Well, more and more Americans are discovering that their income can stretch much further in other countries, allowing them to save more, pay off debts, and even get ahead financially.

Kelli Maria Korduck a contributor with Business Insider joins Veronica Dudo to discuss why Americans are deciding that the only way to get ahead is to leave.

#IN AMERICA TODAY #featured #livingabroad #movingabroad #inflation #travel

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Boston Dynamics’ electric marvel or robot contortionist?



Boston Dynamics has recently unveiled its latest creation, the electric Atlas robot, boasting enhanced agility and strength.

However, with its uncanny ability to contort and rise from the ground with an almost eerie grace, one might wonder if we’re witnessing the birth of the world’s first robot contortionist.

As this technological marvel flaunts its capabilities, one can’t help but ponder if we’re on the brink of a future where household chores will be effortlessly handled by robots moving like a fusion of ballet dancers and horror movie monsters.

With its cadaver-like movements and illuminated head, it’s hard not to speculate whether Atlas is destined to revolutionise robotics or simply rehearsing for a techno-horror rendition of The Nutcracker. As Boston Dynamics continues to push the boundaries of robotics, the line between science fiction and reality becomes increasingly blurred.

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The Coffee confusion causing health concerns



As the morning sun peeks through the curtains, many reach for that familiar brew, kickstarting their day with a comforting cup of coffee.

It’s a ritual ingrained in cultures worldwide, offering a jolt of energy to combat the grogginess of dawn.

But when is the optimal time for that caffeine fix? According to registered dietitian Anthony DiMarino, RD, LD, the answer isn’t crystal clear.

Some experts suggest delaying that first sip until mid-morning or later. However, DiMarino reassures coffee lovers that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this dilemma.

Meanwhile, the science behind coffee production unveils fascinating insights into its instant variant. Whether produced through freeze-drying or spray-drying methods, instant coffee offers convenience without sacrificing flavor.

Yet, beyond convenience, recent studies delve deeper into coffee’s impact on our bodies. Research exploring the acute effects of decaffeinated versus caffeinated coffee reveals intriguing findings on reaction time, mood, and skeletal muscle strength.

Moreover, investigations into the gut microbiome shed light on coffee’s influence on liver cirrhosis patients. A study analyzing the duodenal microbiome in this population found correlations between coffee consumption and microbial richness and evenness.

So, as you sip your coffee and ponder the day ahead, consider not just the flavour in your cup but also the subtle impacts it may have on your body and mind.

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