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Donald Trump to run for President in 2024



Former U.S. President Donald Trump is making an announcement to run for President again in 2024

In Florida, at his palm beach Mar-a-Lago home the Former President has confirmed his bid to run again in 2024.

Reports confirm Trump has already filed the papers.

“In order to make America great and glorious again, I am announcing candidacy for President of the United States.”

Donald trump

Trump has been teasing the major announcement for weeks. It follows an array of legal troubles and investigations for the former leader.

“My fellow citizens, America’s comeback starts right now”

Donald Trump

Trump told the audience his opponents made him a “war warmonger” and said “America was at peace” during his time as President.

He said, “I kept my promises.”

Trump said now America is a nation “in decline” pointing to record-high inflation.

“We are now begging for energy help from foreign nations… Our nation is being invaded by hundreds and hundreds of unknown people.”

donald trump

“We have a President who falls asleep at press conferences.”

donald trump

The former American President used the platform to take aim at Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

Pointing to the struggling economy, migrant crisis, climate change and the Ukraine war as Biden’s demise.

Trump has promised the American people “it does not have to be this way.”

The question remains, will American’s be willing to vote for Trump 2.0 or is his era at the reigns long gone?

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It takes a village: coordinated financial teams prove paramount to maximising wealth



The pursuit of wealth is often faced by significant challenges including debt, lifestyle costs, and burnout – so what methods can help overcome these challenges?

Maximising financial opportunities involves a suite of tasks, from leveraging favourable loan rates, strategic tax planning, and coordinated financial advising.

Mark Wyld from MW Wealth joins to discuss more. #featured

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Microsoft recalls ‘Recall AI’ feature over security fears



Microsoft has announced a postponement in the release of its new Recall AI feature, citing significant security concerns raised during internal testing.

Pope Francis took charge of discussions on the implications of artificial intelligence for global ethics and governance, Reuters reports.

The pope said AI represented an “epochal transformation” for mankind, but stressed the need for close oversight of the ever-developing technology to preserve human life and dignity.

“No machine should ever choose to take the life of a human being,” he said, adding that people should not let superpowerful algorithms decide their destiny.
“We would condemn humanity to a future without hope if we took away people’s ability to make decisions about themselves and their lives, by dooming them to depend on the choices of machines,” he warned.

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