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Australian wreck hunter facing death threats after MH370 find



A man who tracked down the first piece of debris from missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is facing death threats and being followed by shady figures

It’s the biggest aviation mysteries of all time- the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

One Australian wreck hunter Blaine Gibson found what he believed were pieces of the plane.

At first, he was hailed a hero, and then the death threats began.

So who doesn’t want to plane to be found?

239 people were on-board when the aircraft went missing, with investigators unable to find a trace.

Unsatisfied, Gibson began his own private investigation, all in a desperate attempt to find answers.

The independent investigator combed the beaches of Madagascar looking for even the smallest of clues.

When he eventually came across the very first piece of the plane, the Australian wreck hunter was confronted by people and messages he says were trying to keep him away from the scent.

In a new Channel 5 documentary airing in the United Kingdom, Gibson speaks of being called ‘No Plane, No Blaine’, and even receiving death threats telling him to give up his search altogether.

I started to get death threats from anonymous people. Things like ‘No plane, no Blaine’ and telling me to give up my search.

“One made a call to a friend of mine saying I would not leave Madagascar alive.

BLaine Gibson

The Australian man believes someone is trying to prevent Malaysia MH370 from being found and fears they might take violent action against him for continuing his investigation.

The Malaysian Airlines flight took off from Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing on March 8, 20-14, with all 227 passengers and 12 crew members vanishing without a trace.

This new three-part documentary examines a range of theories behind the plane’s disappearance, trying to make sense of this gut-wrenching tragedy.

Blaine Gibson

It also highlights the trauma faced by the families and crew who were on board the flight and their desperate calls for answers.

There are many conflicting assumptions about how a plane could disappear from the sky, with details continuing to baffle the world.

One of the twists in the turn of events was the plane’s ability to fly for hours longer than the fuel onboard would have allowed it to.

The airlines initially claimed the plane would only have been able to fly for four hours before running out of fuel.

However, it was later revealed the plane was still in the air for at least six hours after the last contact.

There is some speculation the Captain might have hijacked the plane, with many critical details still coming to light.

Investigator Blaine Gibson is at the forefront of these investigations and isn’t letting anything deter him from finding the truth.

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Ex-military contractor escapes house arrest



Mastermind of the largest corruption scandal in US Navy history is on the run after cutting of his ankle bracelet

A former military contractor who was at the centre of the largest corruption scandal in U.S. Navy history, has escaped house arrest.

It comes just three weeks before he was set to face sentencing.

The fugitive, known to many as “Fat Leonard”, pleaded guilty to bribery and fraud charges in 2015.

He bribed U.S. Navy officials with cash, prostitutes, and all-expenses paid trips, in exchange for access to military intelligence, earning him millions.

According to authorities, when police arrived at Francis’ home, all that they found was an ankle bracelet he had cut off and left in a portable cooler.

This all comes as the U.S. Military is reporting a 13 per cent spike in the number of sexual assaults last year.

It’s understood 36,000 service members had experienced unwanted sexual assault, with the Army reporting its largest spike in nearly a decade.

Despite this, the Pentagon says it is working to stamp out this poor behaviour.

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Another tanker got stuck in the Suez Canal – here’s the rescue mission



Another ship got stuck in the Suez Canal

A crude oil tanker has been re-floated after blocking the famous Canal in Egypt.

According to a spokesman for Suez Canal Authority… the Affinity-V vessel became stuck in a single-lane stretch of the canal – but not as long as the last giant tanker of 20-21 that we all remember

The Affinity was refloated after tugboats were deployed to assist.

Affinity V was floating again about five hours later, authority spokesperson George Safwat said. 

Affinity V was travelling from Portugal to Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea port of Yanbu.

It’s unclear how much oil the Singaporean-flagged ship was carrying, but ABC reported it has a capacity to carry more than 110,000 tonnes. 

It’s been 18 months since the Ever Given container ship blocked the canal for six days.

The blockage created a massive traffic jam that held up 9 billion a day in global trade.

Thankfully… the Affinity isn’t in the same boat.

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Bojo relaxes on the beaches of Greece



Outgoing UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has well and truly taken his foot off the gas, relaxing on the beaches of Greece as the leadership battle plays out back home

Downing Street has now confirmed Johnson will not be working on his holiday unless he is needed urgently.

It comes as he doges accusations of running a so-called ‘zombie government’ until a new leader is sworn in.

This recent trip to Greece is Johnson’s second break abroad within three weeks, as British resident struggle through a worsening energy crisis.

Meanwhile, as the outgoing P-M stretches out on the beach, two large removal trucks have turned up at Number 10 to begin his transition out of the official residence.

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