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The Power of Thought Leadership

It’s getting harder to break through the clutter. But bringing authentic insight to an audience and creating relevence is a powerful tool.

Ticker speaks to viewers who are looking for more. They’re globally engaged and seeking insight on the topics of today.

On Ticker, you can offer expertise in an industry, and provide guidance that inspires and influences others.

Ticker specialises in concise 6-minute interviews, hosted by experienced presenters.

Experts in Thought Leadership

The information age has transformed the value and accessibility of expertise. However, being knowledgeable is not enough; experts must engage and evolve into thought leaders.

Thought leaders are subject-matter experts who improve industries, but they often lack effective communication channels.

Speaking to a like-minded audience is an excellent way to convey ideas and expand your influence. Trust in informed individuals is essential for business success.

In business, leverage means creating once and selling often. Thought Leaders emphasise thinking once and delivering multiple times. That’s where a well-crafted television interview becomes the perfect medium and Ticker becomes the ideal partner.

Expand Your Brand

Ticker creates cutting edge content, including hot topics of the day debated by industry leaders and experts.

Our specialist channels syndicate our content to viewers around the world.

Through informative, longer-format interviews, you can convey your message authentically, educate the audience, and build relavence in your industry.

Ticker provides an engaging platform where thought leaders can share ideas.

In a 6-minute interview, thought leaders have the opportunity to delve deep into their message, providing valuable context, insights, and showcasing their expertise.

This depth allows them to establish credibility and authority, setting them apart from competitors who can only convey surface-level information in a short commercial.

Editorial interviews provide a chance for businesses to connect with their audience on a more personal level.

By sharing their story, values, and vision, they can build trust and rapport with viewers. This authenticity is often lacking in traditional commercials, which are often seen as one-way sales pitches.

Interviews allow businesses to establish relationships with both their audience and the media outlet.

When a business is featured in an editorial interview, it signifies a level of trust and recognition by the media, further enhancing their reputation in the industry.

Unrivalled International Reach

Take Your Message Global

Ticker News steps up to deliver a premium news channel to the world’s most prominent global platforms.

We’ve taken a global approach. You can find Ticker on renowned platforms such as Fetch TV, Telstra TV, and Foxtel’s Flash in Australia, Samsung TV+ and Rakuten TV throughout Europe, Netgem in the UK, Zee5 in Asia, and SlingTV FuboTV in the United States.

For even greater convenience, you can download the Ticker iOS app or access our TV apps through Apple and Google Play.

About Ticker

Ticker is a global video network designed to reach professionals around the world.

It’s a one stop shop covering news, business and tech.

Ticker covers the stories that matter to a new generation. Bringing context to daily headlines and highlighting the conversation starters.

Ticker streams news, money and tech – for the change-makers, the innovators. Ticker is driven by its audience – whether it’s on our LIVE streams or on-demand.

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