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A new HR approach to growing businesses with Constance Aloe



Growing businesses need human resources – that’s the way companies can scale.

But Distinctive – People, Performance and Learning‘s Constance Aloe argues whether you’re a startup, SME or a Fortune 500, it is an area of the business that must be implemented in some capacity.

“After working in HR over the past 20 years, it is the area of a business that does get overlooked,” Aloe states. “I hear many C-level people say HR are is the ‘People Police’.

“People understand the importance of HR, but don’t want to make a long-term commitment to it.

“HR is too focused on risk and mitigation, and not aligned to business growth.”

Aloe breaks down how a business should be looked at externally.

“Any business can be seen as a series of inputs,” she says. “To generate a performance output – whether it be sales, market share or profitability.”

“The greatest way a business can improve that output is through their people.”

Employee retention is also something that businesses must think about, and Aloe believes by providing the right environment, they can keep their best talent.

“We’re hearing about ‘the great resignation’ coming through,” Aloe adds. “Companies are spending all that money to attract top talent.

“But the experience they have after entering the door is most crucial.

“If you get it wrong, it may cost you 50% of the person’s starting salary.”

Aloe outlines some of the smarter ways to have top talent within your business.

“You can have people in your business, without having a full-time headcount,” she continues. “You may be able to have them three days a week, and not paying them a full-time capacity.

“At Distinctive, we also offer HR support, which means companies don’t have to have that head count.

“Look at your budget, and skill set, and look if there is a smarter way of implementing it.”

For more information, head to Distinctive – People, Performance and Learning‘s website.

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Revolutionising property ownership with property syndication



What are the benefits of property syndication?

In a world where property prices seem to be continually soaring, George Rodman’s innovative approach of property syndication offers everyday Australians a chance to overcome the mounting challenges of property ownership.

Discover how this bold idea works, its numerous benefits, and how it holds potential even for those concerned about the associated risks, all while hearing George’s personal motivation that stems from his own upbringing.

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The BPA found in popular activewear



BPA and heavy metals have been found in some popular branded active wear

In a recent studies across the U.S, a variety of popular branded sports bras and athletic wear have been found to contain alarming levels of BPA, a chemical compound frequently used in the production of certain types of plastics.

The discovery of BPA in these textiles has raised concerns regarding its potential adverse health effects, which include asthma, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.

Clayton Thomas, CEO of The Root Brands, offers his perspective on this unexpected revelation, where BPAs presence in fabrics used for sports and active wear has puzzled many, given that BPA has long been a target of avoidance and regulatory scrutiny due to its health risks.

The Green Edition is presented by The ROOT Brands.

For all media inquiries, please get in touch here:

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Global market forces and OCIO adoption



Do global markets and economic climate influence OCIO adaption with investors?

In a recent Institutional Investor report, the outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) industry is on the brink of substantial growth, driven by increasing interest from asset owners, especially endowments and foundations, who are increasingly turning to OCIO services.

To delve deeper into this trend, we are privileged to introduce Jim Schienberg, Managing Partner at North Pier Search Consulting, a renowned OCIO search firm.

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