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Record-breaking crowd at 2022 Australian Grand Prix, as Ferrari dominates



Melbourne was the city known for the world’s longest lockdown, but now it’s home to a stellar 2022 Australian Grand Prix

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc dominated the 2022 Australian Grand Prix in pole position, with the 24-year-old bringing home a grand slam.

Leclerc also secured the fastest lap for the race, in an impressive and untouchable win. He now sits 37 points ahead on the top of the championship board. 

“I think we were all surprised by our pace,”

“We managed the tyres extremely well … on the hard tyres we also seemed to have the upper hand. It was a very good surprise.”

Charles leclerc

Red Bull’s Sergio Perez secured second place on the podium and Mercedes George Russell claimed the third spot.

Both Perez and Russel performed impressively on the day.

Redbull’s world champion Max Verstappen was unfortunately shadowed by bad luck, retiring with engine failure.

The car was visibly overheating with smoke emerging from the engine, forcing Verstappen to retire in the 39th lap.

“I smell some weird fluid. Everything is sh** itself,”

max verstappen

“It’s frustrating and unacceptable.”

max verstappen
Photo credit: THE SUN DAILY

Australian favourite Daniel Ricciardo claimed 6th position for Mclaren, with his best performance at home since 2018.

Crowds were chanting “Ricciardo” all day long, with many happy to have his happy face back on home soil.

Record-breaking crowd

Over 400,000 attended the Grand Prix over the four days and nearly 130,000 people on race day.

This record attendance is the highest in Melbourne’s Grand Prix history.

Australia’s appetite for F1 action has built up over recent months, with some attributing the newfound interest to Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’ series.

The F1 show will head to Italy next for the Imola circuit, where Ferrari fans are bound to be out in droves to show their support.

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New research reveals simple routines to combat aging and promote healthy skin



The essential role of nutrition, lifestyle, and wellness in skin health and aging


Recent research underscores the critical link between our diet and skin health, suggesting that certain foods can significantly improve skin conditions. These findings highlight the importance of dietary adjustments to promote healthier skin and prevent common skin issues.

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Harris takes aim at Trump, links him to Project 2025



Kamala Harris, in her inaugural presidential campaign rally, launched a scathing critique linking former President Donald Trump to Project 2025.

As Kamala Harris kicks off her campaign for the Presidential election, she’s taken aim at Donald Trump and the so called Project 2025.

The Vice President told a crowd in Indianapolis that Project 2025 aims to “take us backward.” #featured #trending

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President Biden says it’s time to ‘pass the torch’



President Joe Biden said on Wednesday he is “passing the torch to a new generation” as he explained his abrupt departure from the 2024 presidential race to Americans for the first time, in an Oval Office address capping over 50 years in politics.

“I revere this office,” Biden said. “But I love my country more.”

Biden, 81, rebuffed weeks of pressure from Democrats to step aside after a disastrous debate performance on June 27, saying at one point that only the “Lord Almighty” could convince him to go.

Unite the nation

“I have decided the best way forward is to pass the torch to a new generation. That is the best way to unite our nation,” Biden said.

Biden made his decision after days of soul-searching and agonizing over internal polling that predicted he could lose against Republican Donald Trump in November and drag down fellow Democrats with him.

“The great thing about America is here, kings and dictators do not rule. The people do. History is in your hands. The power is in your hands. The idea of America – lies in your hands,” Biden will say, according to the speech excerpts.

It will be Biden’s first extended public remarks since he relented to pressure from fellow Democrats and announced on Sunday via social media that he had decided not to seek reelection on Nov. 5.

Biden is the first incumbent president not to seek reelection since 1968 when Lyndon Johnson, under fire for his handling of the Vietnam War, abruptly pulled out of the campaign on March 31.

Biden also joins James K. Polk, James Buchanan, Rutherford B. Hayes, Calvin Coolidge and Harry Truman as presidents who all decided not to stand for a second elected term.

Biden faced calls to step aside after his rocky performance in the debate against Trump raised troubling questions about his mental acuity.

Since he stepped aside, however, Democrats have rallied around him, paying tribute to his character and his record as president.

Watching together

A crowd of staff walked into the White House earlier in the evening to watch the speech together. An official said a reception and “viewing party” were being held across the White House’ state floor for Biden’s address.

The White House has denied that Biden has any cognitive issues despite a recent increase in verbal slipups.

Biden said he will focus on his job as president over his remaining six months in office. He is to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday on efforts to negotiate a Gaza ceasefire.

It was the fourth time Biden used the formal setting of the Oval Office since taking office in 2021. His last Oval Office speech was on July 15 when he urged Americans to cool the political rhetoric after the attempted assassination of Trump.

Biden’s political career began when he was elected to the Senate in 1972 at age 29, becoming the sixth youngest U.S. senator. He will conclude his White House tenure on Jan. 20, 2025, as the oldest American president when he will have already turned 82.

“The defense of democracy is more important than any title,” Biden said. “I draw strength, and find joy, in working for the American people. But this sacred task of perfecting our Union is not about me. It’s about you. Your families. Your futures. It’s about ‘We the People.’”

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