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Here’s the plan to create 1 million tech jobs | ticker VIEWS



The Tech Council of Australia is calling on Governments to help deliver one million jobs in the sector by 2025

Leaders in Australia’s technology sector including Google, Afterpay, Atlassian, and Tesla have banded together to create Australia’s Tech Council. The aim of the Council is to push for greater Government support and set Australia’s tech industry firmly on the global stage.

They provide a trusted voice for Australia’s technology industry, with an aim to advise and engage with Australian Governments, businesses, and the community. They’re endeavouring to support the ongoing creation, development, and adoption of technology across industries.

The members of the Tech Council have committed to work with Governments at all levels to ensure that Australia and Australians take advantage of the vast opportunities technology brings.

“We have released a roadmap to grow 1 million jobs in the tech industry by 2025”

Kates Jones, Executive Director, Tech Council of Australia

1 million tech jobs by 2025

The Council has launched its new roadmap to create 1 million jobs in the technology sector, by 2025. The Technology Council is working with Governments at all levels to create 1 million jobs, worth $250bn to the economy.

The technology industry is growing at a rapid pace, causing a demand for skill in the industry. The sector is looking for upskilling opportunities, more females and people who have never worked in the sector before.

The tech industry contributes approximately $167 billion to the national economy and employs about 861,000 people. This makes it equivalent to the economy’s third-largest industry, only just behind banking.

This will benchmark Australia against industries in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, which it has the untapped potential to do.

Breakthrough for the sector

This move represents a breakthrough for the sector with extraordinary technology entrepreneurs and heavyweights behind the Tech Council of Australia.

Technology has often been seen as a niche part of corporate Australia, with more traditional industries like banking or mining labelled as the pinnacle of financial success. However, that is not the case anymore.

Australia’s economy has historically relied on commodities, but tech is shifting this narrative. The Australian tech industry has struggled to get support, but with top technology entrepreneur putting their names on the line to back the industry, the Government is now listening.

Heavy hitters in the Australian tech sector have come together to create jobs and turn Australia into a global tech hub.

“The tech sector is going to grow,

what we want to see is Aussie’s working in those jobs and being able to keep those jobs here on Aussie shores.”

Kates Jones, Executive Director, Tech Council of Australia

“This is going to be the fastest growing part of our economy,

it’s a $250 billion industry right now and will continue to grow.”

Kates Jones, Executive Director, Tech Council of Australia


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AI in the modern economy



Unraveling the impact of AI: unprecedented economic growth or unforeseen challenges on the horizon?

In an era dominated by technological advancements, AI is spearheading a revolution in the modern economy, providing innovation, enhancing efficiency, and transforming industries.

But is the development of AI bringing positive change, or are there challenges we haven’t seen coming?

Denver Naidoo, CTO and co-founder of AI workforce provider Zeligate explores the ups and downs of AI in the modern economy.

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Rising cybercrime spurs push for stronger cybersecurity measures



Increased cybercrime reports highlight urgent need for threat detection and response tools

In a concerning trend, cybercrime reports have witnessed a sharp increase that has signalled a growing concern in the digital landscape, particularly within businesses.

The surge in reports emphasises the pressing need for organisations and individuals alike to adopt and deploy real-time threat detection and response tools more promptly, as the battle against evolving online threats intensifies.

David Peterson from Confluent talks in-depth on the subject of Cybersecurity and how businesses can take a more proactive strategy and preempt cybercrime.

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AMD unveils advanced chips with lighting AI training speed



Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has launched a series of cutting-edge chips designed to supercharge the speed of artificial intelligence (AI) training.



With an emphasis on faster processing and improved efficiency, these new chips are set to redefine the capabilities of AI-driven applications across various industries.

The latest AMD chips boast an innovative architecture that significantly enhances the performance of AI training tasks, ranging from machine learning algorithms to neural network simulations.

This development addresses a critical need in the rapidly evolving field of AI, where speed and efficiency are paramount for handling complex computations and accelerating breakthroughs in research and development.

These chips are poised to revolutionise the landscape of AI-powered technologies, offering a competitive edge to businesses and researchers alike.

The enhanced processing power enables quicker training of AI models, unlocking the potential for more sophisticated applications such as advanced image recognition, natural language processing, and autonomous systems. As industries continue to embrace AI, the release of these chips underscores AMD’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology.

In the race to dominate the AI hardware market, AMD’s latest release positions the company as a formidable player alongside industry giants. As demand for faster and more efficient AI solutions grows, the impact of these chips on the development and deployment of AI applications is expected to be substantial.

The unveiling of these advanced chips not only marks a significant milestone for AMD but also signals a new era in the evolution of AI technologies.

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