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Leverage your Ticker interview across your own digital platforms, and amplify your message through Ticker’s distribution and syndication – Global TV platforms, the Ticker News website and social media.

Ticker offers accessible marketing campaigns designed to effectively reach your desired audience – whether that be professionals, industry leaders, or your customer base.

By purchasing a amplification package below prior to COB today, you can use the exclusive code TICKER100 which will result in $100 off the purchased package. The interview will also be aired an additional 10 times across Ticker’s LIVE channels. 



Expand your brand with Ticker

Ticker tells stories that help viewers to better understand the ideas and concepts behind business.

We collaborate with brands to develop shows that is both thematically aligned to particular objectives and communication strategies – Featuring interviews with brand ambassadors which can be amplified and distributed across Ticker’s targeted ecosystem (Live TV, On-Demand, Web, Social).

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TERMS & CONDITIONS: Media content created by Ticker is the intellectual property of The Ticker Company.  Ticker content cannot be displayed without an official Ticker content license.  It may not be displayed under ‘fair use’ rules.  Once interview is processes, there will be no remedy for a refund. Content intended for internal or external display cannot be sourced from third-parties, such as media monitoring agencies or news clipping services.

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