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Ticker is redefining TV news for innovators and leaders.

Ticker focuses on news, money, tech, and leaders, with stories that resonate with today’s audience.

Available on all platforms, both live and on-demand.

It’s the hub for those eager to stay informed about the trailblazing founders, groundbreaking ideas, and transformative innovations shaping our future.

Ticker goes beyond the headlines, with insights from respected thought leaders.

Experience Counts

At Ticker, our primary focus is on delivering the stories that people are engaging with.

Our newsroom comprises a team of seasoned journalists, under the leadership of Ticker’s Founder, Ahron Young – an award-winning journalist with a track record of covering some of the most significant events.

Global Impact

Ticker offers a comprehensive global perspective on the news and events shaping our future.

Ticker is the network for innovators and leaders, delivering insights on the people and ideas shaping tomorrow. For the forward-thinking, Ticker aims to be the future of news.

Insightful Thought Leadership

Amplifying Your Voice: The Power of Thought Leadership in a Ticker Interview

In the rapidly evolving landscape of information, thought leadership has emerged as a bridge between mere opinion and expertise.


Ticker is proud to collaborate with the renowned Reuters news agency, ensuring that our viewers receive the finest video and imagery from across the globe.

Recognised as the largest news agency worldwide, Reuters stands at the forefront of news reporting.


Ticker Shows

Ticker Shows presents a refreshing approach to the documentary genre, offering viewers a swift and captivating means to remain informed about contemporary issues.

Our documentary team covers subjects of relevance to our audience, spanning from technology startups and drone manufacturers to global politics and Top 5 explainers, ensuring we capture the topics that resonate with our viewers.

Recent Articles About Ticker


Australia’s independent news platform Ticker has announced the launch of an array of five new Free Ad Supported TV (FAST) channels.


Independent streaming TV news channel Ticker is launching five new FAST channels to complement its main news channel.


The Ticker Company is launching five new free ad supported TV channels (FAST) to complement the Ticker News Channel.


TVNewsCheck editor Michael Depp speaks with Ticker CEO Ahron Young about the future of streaming and what Ticker does differently to the rest.

Rolling Stone

“Ticker is the Next Gen BBC”

Why the Rise of Streaming Media Signals the Landscape Is Changing


Next-gen news streamer Ticker News has arrived on Fetch TV, bringing audiences more live news and original programs focussed on breaking news.

Ticker FAQs

Ticker is a free service that you can watch anywhere, anytime on the Ticker APP, as well as streaming platforms around the world.

The Ticker APP is available for download from the iOS store for your mobile device, as well as your Connected/Smart TV. Search the Google Play store for “Ticker”.

The Ticker APP is also available to download on the Apple APP store.

Ticker is also available on leading streaming platforms around the world. For more information on how to watch, visit here.

Ticker primarily targets a professional audience comprising predominantly of millennials, the same audience for which The Ticker Company was created to appeal to.

Ticker’s audience spans across the globe, with studios in Melbourne, Australia, and New York in the United States.

Ticker’s average audience age is 39.

For iPhone, go to in your Safari browser. Tap on the Share button at the bottom of the screen. Tap Add to Home Screen. You can then edit the name of the icon, press Add in the top right corner.

For Android, go to in your Internet browser. Tap the right hand side of your device to show the settings, tap on Add shortcut to Home Screen.

 Getting started guide & Podcast avaibility in further detail here.

We do not accept ad hoc freelance contributions. If you would like to supply an idea for a story or a news-worthy photo or video (in which you hold the copyright), please use our Contact Us section. Please note that you will not be paid for unsolicited story ideas or photographs.

Photos and videos published on our sites are available for sale.

Contact for more.

The TICKER NEWS brand studio tells stories that help viewers to better understand the ideas and concepts behind business.

We collaborate with brands to develop a show that is both thematically aligned to particular objectives and communication strategies – Featuring interviews with brand ambassadors and third party guests to highlight trends and industry thought leadership, related to specific topics.

The premium content can then be amplified and distributed across Ticker News’ targeted ecosystem (Live TV, On-Demand, Web, Social).

Find out more here.

We recognise the importance of protecting the privacy of personally identifiable information collected about our customers, including visitors to our website. Ticker strictly abides to our privacy policy. The full text of the policy can be found by visiting our Privacy policy page.

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