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Integrate your commercial messaging into our editorial content in a way that is thoughtful, additive and directly effective.

We Ignite Action With Our Audience

As pioneers in mobile and social-first publishing, we know a thing or two about creating meaningful content that resonates with urban/professional audiences.

As proven experts in video, we connect with audiences by sparking curiosity and engagement.

Ticker's audience is interested in broader global issues and want to know how it will impact their work and lives.

Working with us is easy, and we like to make it fun. We have lots of options to fit your brand goals.

Michael Ferraro

Ticker's Partnerships & Sales Lead

Live. Whenever.

Ticker NEWS streams live breaking news and trending stories.

We focus on business, tech and media news 24/7, plus on demand across every platform.

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What is Ticker content?

Ticker sees the world from the point of view of a startup founder.

ticker NEWS isn't the same as what you get elsewhere.

Ticker is edgy, opinionated and engaging.

Ticker speaks to the kind of people who’d like to own shares in Tesla.

Ahron Young

Ticker Founder

World's Biggest Platforms

We have powerful relationships with the platforms that people spend the majority of their time on.

LIVE & On Demand across Telstra TV, Apple TV, Android, iOS devices, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Roku our website, or via social media including: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Our Audience Is Valuable

ticker NEWS has no ad breaks - Instead, we deliver seamless integration of brand partners into Ticker programs. We're a one stop shop to reach the affluent urban millennial audience. 

A Meaningful Partnership

With our integrated segments, we pair your talent with a Ticker anchor to get the best results for the production.

The whole process is designed from the ground up to be simple and light touch.

The result - impactful editorial content that can help your brand.

Let's Ignite Action Together

Live views across distribution platforms, guaranteed viewership across social media.

<p><span style="color: #ffffffff;" >Increased Streaming Views</span></p>

Increased Streaming Views

ticker NEWS & Original Shows are viewed over 2.2 million times each month, across LIVE, On-Demand and social assets, with hundreds of thousands of unique engagements.

<p>Exclusive Partnerships</p>

Exclusive Partnerships

Ticker is the first and only news broadcaster to stream live on Linkedin. Exclusive News partnership with Facebook, Google and YouTube.

<p>Streaming 24/7 Around The Globe</p>

Streaming 24/7 Around The Globe

Exclusive streaming of Ticker LIVE programming into over 5,300 corporate offices and hotels globally.

Seamless Integration

Integrate your commercial messaging into our editorial content in a way that makes an impact.

  • Feature brand messaging, website, spokespeople and influencers.

  • Branded intro & frequent mentions by host

  • Co-branded logo Wipe at the commencement of every segment 

  • Product integration with logo persistent throughout entire segment or Ticker Original Show

  • Branded outro with CTA featuring website URL, promotions and social handles.

Delivering breakthrough results, proven with data intelligence and strategy solutions

Recent Branded Content Created with some of Ticker's Valued Partners

Let's Team Up!

Integrate your commercial messaging into ticker NEWS content in a way that is thoughtful, additive and directly effective.

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