Ticker Is A Team

Meet the crew behind Ticker NEWS - Young, enthusiastic presenters and producers who work out of state-of-the-art studio complex in inner-Melbourne Richmond.

ticker's Management Team

Ahron Young

Founder & CEO

Jed Bertalli

Chief Operating Officer

Dynamic Journalism

Reported by a core group of journalists who reflect our viewer.

ticker's On Air Team

Adrian Franklin

ticker NEWS Anchor

Alana McLean

ticker NEWS Anchor

Anthony Lucas

Breaking News Reporter / Social Media Producer

Ash Gardner

ticker NEWS Anchor

David Davutovic

ticker Sport Anchor

Holly Stearnes

ticker NEWS Anchor

Jack Nyhof

ticker Originals Host / News Lead

Mike Loder

ticker Originals Host

ticker's Producing & Partnerships Team

Jack Nyhof

ticker NEWS Lead & Producer / Originals Host

Brittany Coles

Social Media Producer

Michael Ferraro

Partnerships & Sales Lead

Rick D'Andrea

Content Sales Producer

Mike Loder

ticker NEWS Producer & Originals Host

Jake Parker

ticker NEWS Producer

Holly Stearnes

Social Media Producer & Anchor

Anthony Lucas

Social Media Producer / Breaking News Reporter

In The Beginning...

Ticker was created by Ahron Young, an award winning journalist who has worked in television, radio and newspapers around the world. Ahron is Ticker’s CEO & Managing Editor.


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