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Our vision is to share breaking news and stories about human achievement in business, tech and media.

Our journalists work around the clock, providing the latest news 24 hours a day.

At Ticker, our goal is to enrich curious minds.

Live News Isn't What It Used To Be

With the rise of steaming services and devices, the way we watch TV has dramatically changed.

While streamers like Netflix and Disney + are creating great content designed to be streamed - we know LIVE news is different.

And traditional news networks aren't evolving to meet the new world.

What is Ticker content?

Ticker sees the world from the point of view of a startup founder.

ticker NEWS isn't the same as what you get elsewhere.

Ticker is edgy, opinionated and engaging.

We focus on cool businesses and celebrate great achievements.

Ticker is global news with a fresh perspective.

Our affluent, educated, influential audience immerses themselves in global stories.

Ticker speaks to the kind of people who’d like to own shares in Tesla.


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Meet The Team

Meet our team of young, enthusiastic presenters and producers who work out of state-of-the-art studio complex in inner-Melbourne Richmond.

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How It All Began

Ticker was created by Ahron Young, an award winning journalist who has worked in television, radio and newspapers across the world. Ahron is Ticker’s Managing Editor & CEO.

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Ticker Is Serious Business

Ticker's advisory board helps with our future growth plans.

• Neville Bertalli – Former Board member of Qube Logistics. Patterson Cheney Principal Managing Director and Commercial Real Estate investor.

Tim RC Anderson – Emmy award-winning TV marketer who is Ticker’s Executive Creative Director. Anderson previously worked at NBC, CBS and WB.

Dr Steven Enticott Chartered Tax Advisor and business advisor.

Powerful Audience

ticker NEWS has no ad breaks - Instead, we deliver seamless integration of brand partners into Ticker programs. We're a one stop shop to reach the affluent urban millennial audience. 

Optimal Engagement

Live views across distribution platforms, guaranteed viewership across social media.

<p><span style="color: #142946;">Increased Streaming Views</span></p>

Increased Streaming Views

ticker NEWS & Original Shows are directly viewed over 2.2 Million times every month, with hundreds of thousands unquie engagements across our expansive distribution platforms.

<p>Exclusive Partnerships</p>

Exclusive Partnerships

Ticker is the first and only news broadcaster to stream live on Linkedin. Exclusive News partnership with Facebook, Google and YouTube.

<p>Streaming 24/7 Around The Globe</p>

Streaming 24/7 Around The Globe

Exclusive streaming of Ticker LIVE programming into over 4,700 corporate offices and hotels globally.

Seemless Integration

Integrate your commercial messaging into our editorial content in a way that makes an impact.

  • Feature brand messaging, website, spokespeople and influencers.

  • Branded intro & frequent mentions by host

  • Co-branded logo Wipe at the commencement of every segment 

  • Product integration with logo persistent throughout entire segment or Ticker Original Show

  • Branded outro with CTA featuring website URL, promotions and social handles.

Delivering breakthrough results, proven with data intelligence and strategy solutions

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Additional deliverables part of branded integration.

A partnership with Ticker Segments or Original Shows not only aligns your brand to Australia's premiere news streaming network, elements offered also include weekly LIVE program creation with authenticated audience targeting, boosted social media distribution and weekly on-air interviews with brand partner representatives on industry related topics.

Content License Rights

Not only does Ticker heavily promote/distribute brand partner commercial messaging in a way that is thoughtful, additive and effective, you will also receive full content license rights of your weekly on-air pieces which positions you as the industry leader.

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Integrate your commercial messaging into ticker NEWS content in a way that is thoughtful, additive and directly effective.

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