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Are you keen to get your message out? Appear on Ticker to reach the “tech generation”. Ticker NEWS is a place for young professionals to explore the latest news in technology, business and global politics.

ticker NEWS is the first 24/7 world news streaming service, with a focus on breaking news and trending stories in business, tech and innovation – See more about Ticker here.

Want to appear on Ticker? Here’s how.

How much does it cost to appear on Ticker NEWS?

There is no cost to be interviewed on ticker NEWS. We’d love to hear your story. Send an email to to get started!

ticker NEWS Presenter Schedule

Holly Stearnes

07:00am – 11:30am AEST


Adrian Franklin

02:00pm – 06:30pm AEST


How to get a copy of your interview with Ticker

Through a world-first content offering, we provide the exclusive opportunity for you to obtain a full copy of your Ticker NEWS interview. We’ll also distribute and promote the interview across our expansive distribution network.

You can also publish the interview across your own social platform. Studies show that content including the tagline “as seen on ticker NEWS” generates up to 48% more conversions on your website & socials*.

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