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ticker NEWS is the world’s first GLOBAL streaming news network which explores the ideas shaping our future. 

ticker NEWS is global news with a fresh perspective, providing a window on the modern world. Streaming LIVE & FREE breaking news and on-demand Ticker Original shows 17+ hours everyday from our studios in Australia and Singapore.

Enriching curious minds

Our professional millennial audience is interested in broader global issues and want to know how it will impact their work and lives. – We speak directly to the newsmakers, politicians and business leaders everyday.

With the rise of streaming services and devices, the way we watch TV has dramatically changed.

The incumbents don’t speak to today’s millennial. We focus on cool businesses and celebrate great achievements and deliver engaging content across every platform.

Our audience is powerful

Ticker viewers are much more likely than non-viewers to be affluent, educated, personally own life insurance and trade stocks online.

They work in Information Technology, Financial Services or Construction/Engineering.

Ticker speaks to the kind of people who’d like to own shares in Tesla.

ahron young – ticker founder

Dynamic Journalists

Our on-air journalists mirror the diversity, energy and intellectual curiosity of our viewers and deliver highly engaging news content with authenticity and a fresh perspective.

How It All Began

Ticker was created by Ahron Young, an award winning journalist who has worked in television, radio and newspapers across the world. Ahron is Ticker’s Managing Editor & CEO


Optimal Engagement

Live views across distribution platforms, guaranteed viewership across social media.

Increased Streaming Views

ticker NEWS & Originals content is directly viewed over 1.97 million times each month, across all LIVE, On-Demand and social assets.

Prolific On Socials

Ticker social platforms generate hundreds of thousands of unique engagements every month. 34,728+ active email subscribers. Ticker is the first and only news broadcaster to stream live on LinkedIn.

Streaming 24/7 Around The Globe

Exclusive streaming of Ticker LIVE programming into over 6,400 corporate offices, airports and hotels globally 24/7.

Our core branded executions

ticker NEWS is the chosen partner for top-tier brands around the world. We integrate your commercial messaging into our editorial content in a way that is thoughtful, additive and directly effective.

Delivering breakthrough results, proven with data intelligence and strategy solutions

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